Community-Archive Jekyll Theme

An easy-to-use Jekyll Theme for Github Pages

Community-Archive Jekyll Theme

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About the Community-Archive Jekyll Theme

This Jekyll theme was designed for folks who want to host a simple online exhibit on Github Pages for free with minimal technical skill. There are no additional plugins or other complex dependencies; it will just run on Github Pages, and you can use Github’s built-in web-based editor to add new files or update existing files.

Who is it for?

This theme works best for communities who need simple archiving with minimal technical skills and simple workflows. To keep things simple, it doesn’t have built-in search or filtering. If this sounds like you, and you don’t need blogs or other add-ons yet, the best way to start is using the Quick Start guide, above.

If you need something more complex but want to stick with Github Pages because it’s free and doesn’t require you to find a web host of your own, we recommend either Minicomp/Wax (a Github theme with searching, filtering and IIIF metadata to formalize information about your collection) or CollectionBuilder (a Github theme that uses Google Spreadsheets to incorporate maps and timelines).

That said, anyone can use Community-Archive. If you’re familiar with Github Pages and Jekyll, or you want blog posts and an item collection, this version of the theme is a kitchen-sink version with everything in it. You can fork it as you would any other Jekyll theme.

How it started

The IDAH@IU team often gets requests to support archiving projects. This repository provides a starting point, a template for using simple Github Pages, done in partnership with ImaginX en Movimiento (IXeM) co-founded by Marisa Hicks-Alcaraz, the Center for Research on Race, Ethnicity and Society, and the Asian Culture Center at Indiana University Bloomington, and with thanks to Jazma Sutton and the Remembering Freedom descendant community in Greenville and Longtown, Ohio, for the community-archive project that inspired this template.

kalani [at]

Kalani Craig,2022 - 2023. Community-Archive Jekyll Theme by Kalani Craig is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Framework: Foundation 6.